DBMaster is an extendable database toolset that helps to manage databases from a browser

A solid foundation for developing tools

  • Connectors to different database vendors
  • Links from IT Inventory to databases
    (applications, installation, servers, contacts)
  • Scheduler for monitoring and automation
  • Customization with metafields
  • Schema reverse and forward engineering
  • Tracking and notifications for changes
    in database landscape and individual schemas
  • REST API for integration with external applications

Use existing plugins to extend DBMaster

Find, download, and comment on plugins built by DBMaster community. Upload your own extensions.

Perfect toolset for DBAs and Developers

Use DBMaster for assessing your IT inventory, in ETL projects, performing database reviews, database documentation, for data import or export.
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What our users say ...

I am thoroughly impressed by the automated process you developed for me to generate sample reports at Labcorp. Prior to the automation, I was having to manually create sample reports, which took about 30 minutes per gene. Now with automation, I can have a complete set of sample reports on 10 genes in minutes! Not only that, I only have to plug in minimal information which allows me to "set and forget" about the report generation until it is all done. I am also surprised at how quickly you were able to implement this automation only after a short meeting. I certainly hope I can work with you again soon, given your speed and precision. Thanks so much!
- Tara M Love, Director of Variant Sciences,
Correlagen Diagnostics / Laboratory Corporation of America


November 17DBMaster 1.10 updated
Updated version 1.10 includes fixes for issues found by users. Find detailed release notes at download page.
October 8DBMaster 1.10 released
After a lot of refactorings and internal improvements we have a new release available. This release allows us to publish many plugins. Try this new version today. If you're upgrading from a previous version read instructions for updates.
January 19DBMaster 1.9 released
New release is now available. Users now able to create custom objects. Grab a version at download page. Detailed descriptions will come shortly.
October 20, 2014DBMaster 1.8 RC2 released
This is fix with bugfixes only. Check out release notes
September 3, 2014DBMaster 1.8 RC1 released
Summer 2014 is over and we have a new release with a new big feature - Tool Scheduler. Check out release notes and try DBMaster today
May 1, 2014DBMaster 1.7 released
New release have two new major features: security and execution history for tools. Try an updated demo, see release notes or just download
Apr 5, 2014DBMaster store is open
We're glad to announce a new open pricing model and welcome you to our store.
Oct 31, 2013DBMaster 1.6 is now available
A number of enhacements and new features: direct links to tools, experimental file attachments for projects. Check out an updated demo, release notes and try at your own server download
Aug 22, 2013DBMaster 1.5 released
Summer is almost over and we have a new version with a new plugin management system. Try an updated demo, see release notes or just download
Jun 23, 2013DBMaster 1.4 released
Great news! After roughly half an year since the last version, we got a new release of DBMaster. Tools now have direct links. Check out updated demo, release notes or download
Feb 5, 2013Demo site moved
Today our demo application moved to a new address demo.dbmaster.io Please update your stored links.
Jan 28, 2013DBMaster 1.3 released
This release has multiple updates to Inventory module, new Sync framework, lots of bugfixes. Check out updated demo, release notes or download.
Nov 19, 2012DBMaster 1.2 released
DBMaster 1.2 has a completely new functionality - inventory management. The intermediate release on our way to integrate former AppInventory application into DBMaster.
Jun 05, 2012DBMaster 1.1 is now available
New version is available for download. This release contains multiple improvements in tools and a plenty of changes in architecture. Demo updated to the most recent version
Jun 01, 2012Plugin section is now open
Inspired by wordpress we are too excited to announce a free edition of DBMaster and our plugin section. At the moment plugins are available in read-only mode. Upload and documentation will follow. Stay tuned.
May 25, 2012DBMaster got its own site
From now dbmaster will be hosted on dbmaster.org. Change your bookmarks!
Jan 23, 2012DBMaster 1.0 released!
Version 1.0 of DBMaster is now officially released and available for download. New features include: a generic connection manager, a reporting module and the possibility to re-import database updates.
10/07/11DBMaster .394 released
The first version of DBMaster is available for download. We've improved column selection, automated updates and fixed many bugs.
08/06/11DBMaster .295 released
You can download a free trial from the product page.