How to Install DBMaster as a Service

Install DBMaster as a Windows Service

1. Download

2. Extract file into [dbmaster_home] folder

3. Modify [dbmaster_home]\service\dbmaster.conf file:

3-a. Replace [dbmaster_home] with real path - use backslashes ('/')

3-b. Set to fully qualified path to java.exe file in case it's not in the PATH

4. Modify [dbmaster_home]\service\setenv.bat

4-a. In Line 4 set dbmaster_home to real path (same as in step 3-a)

4-b. In Line 12 set java_exe to fully qualified path to java.exe file (same as in step 3-b)

5. To install service run installService.bat - you should see 'Service dbmaster installed

6. Use net start dbmaster to start the service

7. Open browser http://localhost:7771 to verify installation

Install as a Linux Service (Ubuntu)

1. Download script to manage DBMaster as a service

cd /etc/init.d/
chmod +x dbmaster

2. Modify dbmaster file - set dbmaster home folder and user dbmaster will run under (lines 19 and 20):


3. Start service

/etc/init.d/dbmaster start