$195 per server
$80 per user
Maximum Connections
Maximum number of connection DBMaster will be able to connect to. It is always possible to add more connection by purchasing additional licenses for Personal and Enterprise editions.
10 20 included license based
IT Inventory
Links together applications, servers, databases, and people. DBMaster helps to keep this inventory up-to-date and provides tools to import information from various sources like active directory, ldap, or other applications.
Data Dictionary
After importing schema from physical database users can add notes, tag any objects, perform search, easily collaborate and stay up-to-date with schema changes.
Basic Toolset
DBMaster comes with a set of plugins which can query, search, compare and export data sets. Additional free and paid tools can found at our plugin directory.
DBA Best Practices
A special DBMaster plugin that provides various reports: security, performance, settings that helps to keep database servers healthy.
Project based security
Gives options to manage users and secure projects in enterprise environment, for example, create separate access for production and pre-production data.
Integration with LDAP and Active Directory
DBMaster Enterprise can authenticate users with logins and passwords stored in active directory or ldap.
Support By Phone
Support hot line for customers that cannot wait.

Common questions

How are users counted in DBMaster licenses?

DBMaster licenses are based on named users. A named user is any individual with the permission to access DBMaster, including read-only permission. A named user with this permission is counted towards the user limit, whether logged in to the application or not. Our licensing model is not based on concurrent users. However, you can deactivate some of your users and create new ones.

How are servers counted in DBMaster licenses?

Server in context of licensing refers to a distinct database server instance. For a clustered server, you will need a single license. If you're running multiple database servers on different ports (e.g. multiple named instances of sql server) with a single host you will need a license for each instance. DBMaster doesn't distinguish physical, virtual, or cloud-based servers - you will need a single server license for each server.

After an order has been placed, how and when can the license key be accessed?

If you purchase via the secure online form, the license key will be delivered to the email address you used during purchase, usually within minutes of your order. In some rare cases the payment processor decides to review the payment for fraud protection. In those cases, the email with the license info might take up to 3 days to arrive.

Can I get a refund or upgrade after purchasing a product?

If you purchased less than 45 days ago, we will be happy be happy to provide a refund, no questions asked - just email If you purchased more than 45 days ago, please get in touch describing your situation and we will see what we can do to help.