Quick search

Having the avility to quickly find database objects, columns or parameters is very important, so DBMaster includes google-style search functionality. It is possible to search by value in a particular attribute or use free-text style. In DBMaster search is not case sensitive.

Free-text search

Just type the value you want to find. See samples below.

Search by attribute

Search by attribute in DBmaster works using the following format [attribute] [operator] [value]. Attribute can be a standard one or a meta-field. Operator can be one of the following '=', '<>', '>', '<', '>=', or '<='. logical operations like and/or are not yet supported.

Wildcard search

You can use wildcard in attribute names and values. DBMaster uses the following symbols:
  • The question mark (?) may be used to represent a single character in a search expression. For example, searching for the term 'ho?se' would yield results which contain such words as 'house' and 'horse'.
  • An asterisk (*) may be used to specify zero or more characters. For example, searching for the term 'h*s' would yield results which contain such words as 'homes', 'houses', 'horses', etc.

Fuzzy vs. strict search

Important note: if an attribute or value does not include any wildcard symbols, DBMaster will automatically add asterisks around the attribute and/or value. For example, if you search for data=ho, DBMaster will replace it with *data*=*ho* and will search for objects that have (but don't necessarily equal) 'ho' symbols in any attribute that includes 'data' in it; search results will include objects where 'Data Domain'='house' or 'Sensitive Data'='horses', etc. To search within a particular attribute or for a strict value add double quotes, e.g. "Data Domain"=house will find objects that contain house in attribute Data Domain.


  • To search for attributes with no values use 'Data Domain'=
  • To search for attributes with any non-empty value use 'Data Domain'<>
  • To search for date attributes use format 'MM/dd/yy', e.g. 'Revise By'<='12/31/2012'
  • To search for boolean/logical attributes use values 'yes'/'no' e.g. Sensitive Data=yes